Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Finish and A Start . . .

I have gotten back to sewing on the weekend . . 
The weather is crisp and for some reason I love to sew 
when the temperatures get cooler.

I finished my DWR Challenge!
Have you started yours yet?
The deadline is December 1st, 
so you have loads of time.

I also finished my Fractured top that I started at
Quilting by The Lake this summer.
It's so big, I couldn't get it laid out flat in my tiny living room.
Hehe.  There is one mistake, and I left it, 
although it is hard to find.
It was a mind bender for sure!

And I have started a new quilt that is a donation quilt.
More on this quilt as it develops.
I think it will be a medallion quilt, 
but let's see what happens.

The kid and I went to a flea market today.
Such a beautiful day to be outside.
We saw a nice pile of antique quilts. 
Along with many other fun things 
that I was too lazy to photograph. 
Sorry.  But I spared you too!

And my friend sent me this mermaid.
I know she is always thinking of me because once a week
she sends my a mermaid picture.
Very sweet.

Mermaid Love.
Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Love it all, but particularly your Fractured Quilt. It's lovely and makes me want to try a scrappy one now. I agree with you about it's being a "mind bender"... whew!

  2. haha! My husband didn't really leave that comment... I did, but didn't realize I was logged in as him. Sorry about that! :)

  3. I wouldn't worry about a mistake in Fractured either. I've almost gone cross eyed trying to check mine out before I sew the blocks into a top.

  4. I love how your Fractured turned out. I hadn't thoughtof a single background until I saw yours. I was in Kathy's class with you at QBL but haven't finished mine yet. I finished Soul Searching from her seond class this past Monday.