Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Lazy Sewing Sunday . . .

What a spectacular day in the northeast today.
I couldn't decide what to do first.
So I went for a nice long walk by the water to collect my thoughts.

When I returned I was ready for a bit of sewing.
I am working on a donation quilt right now.
A medallion of sorts.
It is inspired by one of Kathy's quilts at Material Obsession.
I can't find the picture right now, but I promise to show it in the next post.

While we were at Quilting by the Lake,
Kathy spoke about contrast and helping your piece pop.
I realized that while I use a ton of rich color,
sometimes there is not enough contrast.
So I am working on that.

This little project was started a month ago,
and has been hanging around ever since.
It is going to be a wreath.
It is taking FOREVER to tie all those scraps.
But I will keep at it, because I think it will be really fun.

Like my sewing corner?
It has reached the tipping point again.
A total chaotic mess.
I can barely cut anything.

This week I am going to visit my niece, nephew and family.
I wanted to find a cute little doll for my niece, one, who I haven't met yet.

Have you been to Toys U Us lately?
OMG, I know I am old because I was wandering around like
a shock victim.  I was asked if I needed help three times.
I was just trying to find a sweet baby doll for a little girl.
They all looked like they were on crack.

So I settled for this sweet little Peebles.
Soft, sweet and a red head.  Perfect!

On another note . . . 
I spent yesterday afternoon in the city.
In Bryant Park.
With some hilarious, very fun peeps.
You know who  you are!

Hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did!


  1. Love your medallion quilt... it's gorgeous! Great fabric and color choices, I think.

  2. You are so funny Lisa. I think you chose the perfect doll for your new niece. And I'll bet you were one of the most fun people hanging out in the park! Love the medallion quilt. Looks to me as if you have got some high contrast going on.

  3. That contrast thing is hard sometimes. I use scraps and they don't always pop. Your quilt is working well.
    Pebbles is cute and brings back happy memories.

  4. Can't wait to see your finished wreath and love the photo of your sewing corner. I need to post one of my sewing room. Might give me needed motivation to do some needed maintenance.