Saturday, January 18, 2014

Focus . . .

I have none.
Nada, not an ounce.
Not a drop.

Does that ever happen to you?

Usually I'm pretty good, I can stay on task for the most part.

But lately . . . 
I am all over the map!

I started cutting a new quilt a few weeks ago.
I need to hang a huge piece of batting on the wall so I can lay it out
and sewing it properly.
Okay, skip to the next then . . . . 

I got sucked into Pat Sloan's quilt along.
Don't know why, just thought it would be fun.
I love a mystery quilt.  Hehe.

Made this a few weeks ago.
I had a bunch of made fabric laying around, so I just did it.

Then I thought a medallion quilt,
so I started making a few of these to go with it.
Yup made three and moved on.

Wanted to try this x and + block,
ended up making 13 . . . 
(Maybe all of that can become a quilt together!)

Have a swap quilt to make that needs to be done soon.
I know what I'm going to do, now to just do it!

And these little lovelies arrived on my step this week too.

Aren't they fun?
Seahorse scissors for the redheaded mermaid!

So there you have it.
All over the map.
No focus.

Maybe that should have been my word for 2014!

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  1. An option for every mood! Now you have so many choices...what to finish first?? Love the colours in your X +.

  2. Now you have a project for every mood. Maybe your just setteling in for the rest of winter. HA HA

  3. I'm going through the same thing--can't buckle down and finish anything, get distracted and start something new. My mind feels too cluttered!

  4. I am that way with my knitting sometimes - like now. I have 6 projects in progress.

  5. I love your Pat Sloan block. I'm working on this one too. Life would be so boring if we didn't have projects waiting for us. Hugs

  6. I would just LOVE to jump into that pile of reds and whites, myself...but then I always follow my heart...and I don't have many finishes...a small price to pay for having a good time.