Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweat Shop Monday . . .

Another wonderful sweat shop Monday today!

The kid and Gidget showed up right at 9am,
ready to roll!

They both had quilt tops to layer and quilt,
so we did without the shenanigans of shopping first
and got right to it!

The kid had a full size quilt to finish.
Not so easy to layer in my tiny penthouse,
but we wrangled it good.

Gidget's quilt, that she is making for a dear friend and coworker,
was a bit smaller and a little easier to wrangle.  
It did give us some trouble,
but in the end we won!

They both worked like the tough little minions
I knew they could be.  Hehe.

I gave up my Juki for the kid to use,
and man did she cruise through her quilt!
She was not afraid of driving that thing like a race driver.

Finished quilting, on to the binding.

The kid knows how to multi-task too.
Always bring your laundry to mum's house when you're sewing!

The kid got her binding sewn on the front,
now she has some hand work for the evening.

Gidget will do her binding tonight.
I wish I took a picture of what she was going to use,
very fun and bright!

So to celebrate out best production ever,
a little bit of bubbly . . . 

Oh and here's what I worked on.
One for me and one for you.

I'm sending my love swap out this week.
Hard to part with!
So of course I have to make one for me!


  1. Very lively and beautiful quilts those two made. What whizzes they are on your machine! And I love your love pieces.

  2. Lisa hope to see u soon! Are u bringing a quilt in fir the contest ?