Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stacked Class . . .

I love to take a quilting class now and then.
More for the company of creative women than anything else really.
So when found out my buddy Karen was teaching a class
at the City Quilter, I couldn't resist.

The quilt she was teaching is from Allison Harris' book,

Stacked. A baby quilt.

So I gleefully trekked into the city with a bunch of fabric.

Here is what I did in the first part of the class.
As usual, I jumped in and took off and then . . . 
I had that big floral, which I love, but it was on the end.
(And yes the huge pile of fabric at the bottom is what I bought, didn't need, but love)

Luckily for me this was a two night class.
When I got home I realized that making this quilt bigger
would be a good fix.  
I took apart the rows I had already sewn and added
two more large florals.  Tada!
But . . . I need to slap some borders on it.
Karen, que the Beyonce "put a ring on it" music.
She did a little dance . . .  I wasn't quick enough to video.
She is cute.

One of the things I love about taking a class where everyone 
is making the same quilt, is seeing how everyone
approaches it.  What fabrics they pick, how they arrange it.
Everyone talking about it together.
Love that!

Since we had a snow storm cancellation for the second class,
we all had an extra week to get things together.

Lots of beginners in this class, and they did so great!

I also love being in a class with all levels of skills
and experience.  Sometimes the newbies ask the best questions
and you say to yourself "huuummmm, didn't think of that!"

Here is Sandy working hard on her pieced backing.
She was determined to get that baby done!

My borders.  I did a black and cream wonky checkered
and then I will add a wild chaotic outer border 
to accent all the colors in the center.

You gotta love a teacher that brings wine to the class!
Karen's classes are so much fun!
And so is she.  If you get a chance to take one jump on it!

Here is our group from the second session.
There were a couple missing because of the reschedule,
but we still had a ball.

on another note . . . .
this is courtesy of Cocktails and Thread . . .

So fun!  I love my queeps! (quilt peeps!)


  1. A very graphic result. I'm thinking it would be a good pattern for a charity quilt.
    Sounds like the life of a mermaid is joyful

  2. Ha that's a fab post and I love the sign photo by E :D

  3. Love the quick and easy. It is always fun sewing with friends but a bonus sewing with Hugs

  4. your quilt, as usual! and all your classmates'...I agree, it is so fun to see how each person approaches the same project. Such a sense of community and visual fun!
    I love the sign E found, too. It's great....and so are you!!

  5. What a fabulous time. Makes me smile just to read about it. The sign is a perfect tribute to such a lovely red headed mermaid!