Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pin Cushions and Spring Break . . .

Before I left on vacation last week, I decided to make a pin cushion.
I had a big bowl that I wanted to use . . . 
As usual I just jumped in and started cutting and sewing.
Once filled and cinched, it was too small for the bowl.
So I looked around, what could I use for the base?
I saw this very cute ring holder that the kid made me.
She found it on Pinterest,  (we are a crafty bunch!)

And Voila!
So cute, it can hold other things in the bottom!
A good collaboration don't you think?

But . . . I wasn't giving up on my bowl yet either.
I took my friend Jessica's advise and made up a little
bundle to take with me to the sunny skies of Fort Lauderdale.

I googled hexie balls, and got something back that
recommended using a soccer ball as a guide.
20 hexies, 12 pentagons,
Crap!  I need to draft the pentagons. 
Off to get a protractor and graph paper.
Could I even remember how to do it?
Yes, thankfully I have not lost all of my brain cells yet.
My companions squealed, "Math??  but we are on vacation!"
They are funny.

I spent many days by the pool with my Mom, Aunt and Sister.
A true ladies get away, and it was fabulous.
Lots of my favorite giggles.

We went to some very fun restaurants 
and met some very fun people!

I wanted to buy this t-shirt, but they didn't sell them, 
and the server said someone got fired a few years ago for selling theirs!
Each server had a different hilarious shirt!
They are missing an opportunity!

So now back at home, in this dreary weather,
I stuff my hexie ball.

It's a little too big for the bowl,
but I'm going with it for now.

I found two little wine glasses in Fort Lauderdale. 

I think they will be my next pin cushion victims!

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