Saturday, May 10, 2014

This and That . . .

Where does the time go?
I haven't done a post in a month, but I have been busy!

I'm finally finishing my Fractured quilt for the Quilting by the Lake Show.
And I know exactly who is going to get this beauty when it comes home!

I have been getting ready for our next Metro Mod meeting in June.

I did a bee block for my buddy.
I LOVE this one.
Thinking of how I can adapt this block to make a quilt for me!

I finished block 5 for the Pat Sloan quilt-a-long.
I am really loving this little project.  It's so fun to see everyone's blocks.

Here are my five all together.
So fun!

I caved and bought a Singer Featherweight . . . 
I have always wanted one and well . . . 
Ebay is like a drug!
It's adorable and light and I love it!

Went to visit the munchkins a couple weeks ago.
I so love them!  They are a riot.
I really miss having little ones around . . . 
Am I just saying that because I can go home?
Hehe. Lots of action!

The kid and I were featured in a article in our local paper 
for Mother's Day.
It was really quite lovely to enjoy our 15 minutes of fame!

And here is a picture of me and my Mum.
I think I'm about two there.
We had matching velvet dresses.
Those were the days!

Happy Mother's Day! OXOX

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  1. oh good grief I just sold my black beauty! I didn't use it as much as I should have!