Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sweat Shop Sewing Monday

Yesterday Gidget, Mocha and the kid came over for a day of sewing.

We haven't done this in a while.  
Need to get back in the swing of sewing with these girls,
we always have so much fun together.  
Don't always produce a lot, but . . . . 
We giggle a lot!

Mocha likes to sit in your lap while you try to sew.
It's all about Mocha!  Hehe.  She is the sweetest.
The kid was quilting a large quilt, so I let her use my Juki.

Gidget had about ten different projects she had started
and couldn't figure out what to finish.  Bags, draft dodgers, scarves.
See, WIP and UFO's are not just for quilters!!

The kid's scrappy trip around the world is so beautiful!
I forgot to take a full shot of it.  I need to do that!

We had two cutting tables, three sewing machines and an 
ironing board station.  All in my tiny little penthouse!

I made this cute little bag.
I'm very proud of myself, I just eyeballed Gidget's little bag
and wung it.  I think I may have caught the bag bug now!
They are cute, fast and fun!

I also worked on HSTs.  I had a bunch of solid squares,
so I have been sewing them up and now I must trim them all.
Hummmm.  Think they may become a quilted bag!  Hehe.

 The kid got her binding sewn on.  
(And her laundry done.)
Now she can hand sew it at her house.

Gidget put binding on a little quilted mat she made too.

and Mocha?
Well Mocha guarded the door.

Mocha is a great guard dog.
Hope you all have a great week!


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  2. Gidget's bag may be small in size, but it makes a big statement with those fabrics and that giant rickrack!