Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Protege . . . .

Last fall I got myself a Protege.
She wanted to learn how to make a quilt, 
and I was happy to oblige! 

We started with some 5" blocks I already had cut up.
We talked about colors and value.
Design and balance.
She caught on very quickly!

Her favorite subject is math, although she LOVES to read as well.
Math!  Yeah, quilting is tons of math and geometry!

So we met on Sundays for a couple of hours most weeks.

She learned the importance of a 1/4" seam
and how it makes your design line up correctly.

There were only a couple of jack the ripper moments.
(I bought her her own seam ripper, every girl needs one!)

After a few weeks the borders went on and Tada!
A quilt top was born.

Next up basting on the floor.
I let her do this, her back is much younger than mine!

She stitched in the ditch . . . 

And stitched in the ditch some more . . 

Then onto marking the borders with tailors chalk
for some straight line quilting.

One afternoon we had some time to kill between steps,
and I decided it would be fun to fool around with my chevron quilt.
My Protege helped me figure out a much design.

A better shot of the finished top.
She is awesome!  My protege, I mean!  ;)

We practiced sewing on binding on a small block.
Practiced those corners.

Then she was ready to sew her binding on!
I swear she picked this binding herself! 
(Haha, maybe she saw one of my other quilts.)

Binding sewn on,
now to hand sew on the back.

This was a longer process than I thought it would be.

But she stuck in there!
Even had Mocha sitting on her lap one day.

Mocha looks pretty comfy huh?

And now today . . . 
A finished quilt. 
Quite an accomplishment.

I'm so proud of my protege.
She is smart, fun, determined and delightful.

Now I think we will take a turn at making some bags.
Hehe . . . . 
Thanks My Protege for all the fun!


  1. Teaching sharing and a TaDa finish. What could be m [re wonderful than to guide an up and coming quilter through her first quilt.
    Glad you both seem to be having fun.

  2. Wonderful first quilt. Great way to spend some Sundays. Love your ZZ,

  3. I think that sweet smile in "Protege's" photos says it all!
    Kudos to her! And you!