Sunday, June 7, 2015

My last meetting as Prezzy of the NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild . . .

Yesterday was our last guild meeting of the year,
and also my last as President.
Two years certainly whizzed by in no time!

I have had the MOST fun leading this group.
Of course, it didn't start out too smoothly.
Not that any of them would have known it.
I was terrified!

First I was following Victoria Findlay Wolfe as president,
so you know, no pressure there.

Then there was my fear of speaking in public,
my inability to remember names on the first meeting.
And my general fear of failure.

But, what a group!  They are so supportive.
Always suggesting ideas, and helping whenever needed.

I was so lucky to have the best board members too!
Even when they could see I was faltering, 
they stepped in and smoothed things out. 
And after I got into a groove, I was fine.

"If someone asks you to do something you don't know how to do, 
always say yes.  You'll learn so much."
And boy was he right!

We've done some wonderful things in the last two years.
Charity projects.  Group Challenge quilts.
Group sewing days.
General shenanigans at meetings.

Here is Gotham Quilts vending our last meeting.
The two owners are members of our guild.
We always try to support our mom and pop fabric vendors.

Although I did say to a couple of queeps,
that I felt like I was bringing a bunch of
alcoholics into a bar, by having them there.
I think everyone benefited in the end.

When I got to our meeting space, this little drawing was hanging 
over my desk at the front.
The space is used for all kinds of things and children's
art work shops too.
I was so tickled to see it there!
 Then my buddy Brian showed up with this
little lovely.
A mermaid with attitude!
(And my hips)

I only got to take a few pics since I was the MC.
But this one I had to share.
Cynthia made this for the back of 
a wedding signature quilt she made.

Cynthia is a very talented quilter.
And I am so happy to say, our new president!
I handed over the "coat of arms" and the bell.
She is going to be a wonderful Prezzy for our group.

And look at this!  My Mods all made very 
cool signature blocks.  Kim designed the layout so that
you can make all different designs by moving
the blocks around.
It is amazing!  I just threw them up there.
I'm going to play with these!
A few more on their way I understand.
I love a good puzzle.

But, the fun isn't over yet.
Next weekend I take 30 of them on a three day retreat!
Out to Amish country to sew the weekend away.

Emily gave me this hilarious book yesterday too.

I'm thinking there needs to be some kind 
of a challenge here . . . 

So to my Mods,
Thank you soooooo much for a great two years!
I had a ball.


  1. and we had a ball with you as the President!! You did a fantastic job!!! Hugs

  2. How lovely. Our guild President stepped down on Saturday, and we made her Retail Therapy blocks so she can make her own quilt. I've got a photo of them here
    I can imagine it must have been daunting following in Victoria's shoes. She seems like a very capable woman. I'm sure you did a great job though.

  3. Thank YOU for keeping us all in stitches! Your comments always crack me up...

  4. Oh, man- a quilt retreat with all you great NYC quilters! I am green with envy!

  5. You did an amazing job.....keeping the fun and closeness, especially as our guild has grown!