Friday, August 26, 2011

Divesting . . . and a little hope

Last night I invited a bunch of my girlfriends over for wine and books.
I know you are thinking, "Oh another book club."

I invited these darlings over to empty my bookcases and take whatever they wanted.
I have read most of them and well, in my new place, these bookcases will be for FABRIC!!
Everyone was very cooperative!
We drank some wine, we laughed, they teased me about some of my books.
We laughed some more . . .
The kid and I made them each take one of our hand knit scarves.
We have so many, we went through a "stage" of knitting scarves all the time,
How many can you have??
I didn't want to sell them at a tag sale, I wanted them to go with people I love.
There was a table full of the kid's jewelry too, and that got a lot of action!

Here is the after picture, they cleared out more than half my books!
Yeah! And we had a really hilarious night too.
So onto the hope . . .
I am in the line of the lovely Irene this weekend.
I have spent the last couple of hours moving all the lawn furniture
into the garage and trying to start this little baby . . .
After a little prayer, it finally started.
It is so loud, but really when you have no power it's the best sound in the world!

Here's hoping that everyone who has to make it through Miss Irene
does so with very little discomfort and fear, and that you are all safe and sound
on the other end of it. Fingers crossed!


  1. What a fun party and a great idea for downsizing. Wish I could have been there. Remember not to run your generator in the garage. Fumes can come into your house and...well, you know.

  2. Great idea for down sizing - thinking of you and IRENE!

  3. Great clean-out job! Now to be really, really brave, you should have let them at your stash! Be safe!


  4. A book giveaway to make room for fabric? BRILLIANT! Irene's over, and all is good, right?