Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Start, A Finish and Some News . . .

I am taking a class at the City Quilter in NYC this month.
I am mostly taking the class because there are two other
ladies taking it with me, so it's more of a social event.

I need no excuse to sew and giggle with GF's!
I really have no right to start ANOTHER quilt,
but well . . . . you know.
The class is a variation on Court House Steps.
Mine, (above) is not really following along with what we are supposed to do,
such a surprise!

This one below is what we are supposed to be doing,
but my mind is shot these days, (more later)
and I knew I would be ripping out more than sewing
if I tried to follow Judy's sample.
It is pretty though and in another time frame,
I will probably try it.

Here is my finish!
I finished my Modern Quilt for the Show!

I did a grid design for the quilting to follow along
with the Mondrian look.
I love the back and I have to say this is only the second
sleeve I have ever done and it was pretty easy.
My quilts don't really hang on a wall,
They are snuggled and loved.
And now for the news . . . .
Funny how things change so quickly.
I will be moving to an apartment in a couple of months.
That means pairing down 30 years of "stuff," from a house,
to a much smaller space.
The funny thing is, I am really loving parting with most of the "stuff!"
I am looking forward to a simpler life.
I will have a much smaller sewing space, but that's okay too.
Fresh start! It's time.
What have you been up to?


  1. I love your version of the Courthouse Steps! It is fabulous!

  2. Good news all around. Judy is one terrific teacher and gives fun classes. Love the way your Modern quilt looks on the front AND on the back. Really envy you and your new life free of "stuff" I need to downsize to feel lighter in my life. How to begin......

  3. your variation looks lovely!

  4. Lisa! Your variation of the courthouse steps ROCKS!!! I love it! Congrats on the move! With your new space, you'll make it work! It's amazing what one can do with a small space!

  5. Wow! that is news! I hope the move brings all sorts of good things for you. We'll have to chat. And I need to show you pictures of my knitted courthouse steps blanket

  6. Good luck with the move Lisa - sounds like you're embracing the change and what come with it. A friend of mine always says, expect good things! Love your courthouse steps - your quilts always have such happy colors/fabrics! :)

  7. Love the modern quilt! Best of luck with the move, and remember that the Modern guild is having a notions swap for our first meeting. Perfect for getting rid of your extra quilting supplies!

  8. Your quilt is so you! I love it! happy destashing your house! it feels SOOO good to get rid of stuff... (that's why my loft is so empty!) the courthouse steps ROCK!

  9. moving is cathartic. Enjoy the purge!