Sunday, July 31, 2011

Modern Quilt

I have started my Modern Quilt for the
About 40 members from the NYC Metro Mod Quilt Group
are participating in the traveling show.

Our quilts will be based on answering this question,
"What does modern quilting mean to you?"

I have been pondering that question for a few weeks now.
I'm still not ready to put pen to paper on that one,
so I put needle and thread to fabric instead.

Because this quilt needs to be a specific size, (15x20),
I cut out a big piece of paper that size to make a layout.
I'm doing a kind of spin on a Mondrian layout.
When I was studying advertising design at F.I.T. a million years ago,
I remember doing and ad layout in a similar way,
with great results.
So why not give fabric the same shot?!
This is a lot more planning than I am used to, but
I am trying to make the individual blocks themselves
be more of an intuition piecing process.
I haven't picked out what my interior borders will be yet,
thought I would get all the blocks done first and then
audition some borders.

This quilt must be done and in the mail by September 1st.
It's creeping up fast!!


on another note . . .
The Kid's birthday is tomorrow.

I think we make tie die shirts almost every year at this time.
Hehe. You never get too old for tie die shirts!
She even threw in a pair of scrub pants too.
Is it sunny where you are today?
Hope you are staying cool and having fun!


  1. 95' and way too sunny here in Mn .... heat index of 115' ... must sew too hot for outdoors!

  2. ok loving the start of your modern quilt and tie dying! How cool!

  3. Like your layout method. I relied on adjustable borders to make mine fit the size requirement!

  4. Love the start of your modern quilt! and what fun to do a project with your "kid" - yesterday my kid and I worked on a tshirt quilt for a friend of hers. time together? priceless. :)

  5. I am impressed with what you are doing in your own Mondriaan style. Cannot wait to see where you take it. And dude, those tie dyes are like way cool dude. Love 'em

  6. it looks incredible and it just begun...i like the sketching part on the paper...smiles...looks great...ugh...i have begun mine..and may finish it this weekend...smiles.

  7. You do such fun, challenging things! Looking forward to the progress on your modern quilt.