Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little of this and a little of that . . .

Another lazy rainy Sunday . . .
All the better to flit around the house and work on
this and that.

I am making good progress on my fabric crochet basket.
Not sure what I'll put in it, but it is certainly
wonderful to look at!
I finally finished sewing on the binding to my zig zag quilt,
another good rainy day project.
Here is the back.
I just love the polka dot binding on this one.
This lovely Kaffe delight is all for me!
And I did the BOM over at 15 minutes play.
My corners don't match very well, but I'm perfectly fine with that!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


  1. The fabric basket is wonderful and bright. I really like it. I also love the Kaffe fun. The polka dot binding is just perfect.

  2. ove your crochet basket. Can you tell me how wide the strips are that you are using? I might have to fiddle around with a crochet hook myself it looks so cute!

  3. Your basket is great. Makes me wish I knew hot to crochet.

  4. Great way to spend a rainy day. Your basket is fab! Love the polka dot binding and the red background on your 15 minute block.