Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Round Up

Did you miss me?
I have been quiet these past two weeks.

Figuring things out sometimes needs lots of silence and reflection.
Contemplation. We all need a space to be by ourselves.

I have been working on lots of stuff though . . .
The sweat shop has been very active these last two weeks,
only I couldn't really show you anything,
and here's why.
I have been working on a little birthday present for my friend Anne.
I think she reads this blog sometimes, so it's been top secret.
I'm giving this to her today, so I think we are safe.

I used Tonya's book Word Play to figure out how to make the letters.
Previously I have only made my name,
but this was tons of fun!
I can see that I will be making many more word quilts in the future.
Anne and I are seekers, so this was a wonderful project to make for her.
It is amazing how everything fell into place so perfectly.
I never really measure too much, just jump in
and cut and make it work.

Boy did it work!
Everything I grabbed worked, fit and looked great.
The three words set up together with no finagling.
Even my FMQ is pretty good.
(If I do say so myself!)
And of course a polka dot binding to make it perfect.
I love it when I project comes together so effortlessly.
And I love it when a project is a difficult and I figure it out.
Passion is passion, now matter the degree of the struggle.

So happy birthday Anne! I hope you like it.

I also got my July Blocks of the Month done.
They were quite fun.
These are part of the 15 min play BOM series.
Here is my Hybrid Tea Rose.
This one, the Churn Dash was a two for one special!
You gotta love that!
What have you been up to?
Any secrets you are keeping? hehehe.


  1. What an awesome bday present! The backing fabric is just perfect for it.

  2. Anne's quilt is darling. She'll love it!

  3. Your BOMs are soooo beautiful. The 2-fer Churn Dash could become a whole quilt. The rose colors are fabulous. You certainly have an eye for color, Lisa....and a talent for FMQ, too.

  4. Your word quilt turned out great--a big accomplishment. I know your friend will love it.

  5. Oh Wow, this brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful friend you are. It is perfect.

  6. Eekkk, I love words with quilting and would someday like to do all the funny sayings my son said when really little. This is a great gift.