Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bouncing Back

After a few days in bed . . .
I am finally able to lift my head off the pillow.
Who knew a cute little nephew could be
carrying the "eboli" virus!

So today I snuffled my way to the attic and did some major sewing!

I worked on these little mug rugs . . .
Just need to hand sew the back of the binding.

These are for three friends with June birthdays.

I also finally got the binding on my Zig Zag quilt.
More hand sewing, but I like that part.
And since I already had most of the "made" fabric done
for my June Blocks of the Month,
I did those too.
These Blocks of the Month are being done over
Lots of fun!


  1. So glad you are feeling a little better. Love the mug rugs!!

  2. Wow, you really had a productive day. I love the Blocks of the Month. Glad you are better.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better - my girlfriend's husband calls their grandkids the walking petrie dishes! Seems pretty accurate!
    Love the sewing! Always good therapy!

  4. Just as I suspected...glad you are feeling better and indeed oh so productive...smiles

  5. You certainly have made up for lost time. Glad you're feeling OK now.

  6. Oh Lisa! I am so sorry to hear that you have been knocked out by the "crud". Hope you are totally recovered.Terrific mugs rugs you've got going in spite of your ailments.

  7. glad you are feeling better. I like the bright backgrounds on your blocks. I think you should keep doing them all in a multiple of colors. Looks great! Thanks for the comment on my blocks.