Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewing Sunday

A very productive weekend indeed!
I dragged out these disappearing nine patch blocks I made
in March and decided to play around with them
and put it all together.

I think I'll call this quilt Gypsy.
It's wild and fun and fabrics I'm not usually drawn to, but
it was fun to try something different.
You can see how I made another D9P here.

This one is a little modified because the fabric cuts I got were a little
scant the quarter yard asked for. (UGG!)

So I pieced the leftovers to make the 5" blocks needed for the nine patch.
The result was nine patches that were really 10 or 12 patches
randomly inserted.
The result is kind of cool. The blocks are all different, some ended
up with five or six pieces instead of the four when you make the cuts.
You can't really get a good feel for this quilt in a photo,
but it came out very nicely. Hope to start quilting it next week.

The fabric crochet basket is coming along.
It's the kind of thing you have to take breaks from or your wrists
will be useless! And of course you have to keep make the strips
to continue on . . .
Couple more months it might actually hole something!
Yesterday we had our Metro Mod Meeting in NYC.
These are the blocks for our next group quilt.
You can see more pictures of the meeting here.
And finally a friend gave me this old singer sewing machine this week.
It works pretty well. I think I will clean it up
for a little girl I know who is interested in learning
how to sew. Got to keep handing down this addiction
to the next generation!
Hope you had a nice weekend!
What were you up to?


  1. Fun and wild quilt--I could look at the fabrics all day! I loved that you pieced some of the 5 inch blocks, just like quilters did who were making use of every piece of fabric.

    Deb from

  2. Oh, you have the cutest machine ever! I'm a old singer junkie!

  3. I like the blocks, the bowl and the little sewing machine is just too CUTE!! And of course we need more members of the "Hi, I'm (fill in the blank) and I'm a fabricholic!!".

  4. Hi Lisa, Your gypsy quilt is beautiful, and I have a feeling it looks even better in person. I love scrappy quilts! Last weekend we were preparing our front beds for planting, and plant shopping - hope to get them in the ground this weekend! Happy weekending!

  5. That old Singer machine in awesome, how sweet of you to want to pass it on!

    Your Gypsy Quilt looks great so far!!!