Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Lazy Sunday . . .

I love a three day weekend . . . every weekend should be a three day weekend!
There was much activity in the garden yesterday, more on that at the end.

This morning I crept up to the attic to sew for a bit.
I wanted to try Margaret's June block

Her instruction were great! Thanks Margaret!

I "made" my fabric in the monochromatic colors . . .
Cut them out as instructed and then went about finding a background.
I tried a few different fabrics, but they were all too busy.
I really like this darker green, it works well to contrast with the colors.

Can you see where I made the mistake???
It was laid out right in the photo above . . .
I sewed from my cutting table . . .
What the heck!
I'll make another, it was so fun!

I must have been daydreaming about the BBQ I'm off to this evening!

on another note . . .

I used to have two palm trees in my back yard.
They were a gift from a friend when we did our patio . . .
But, we had to drag them inside during winter and they were huge and sharp.
I decorated them for Christmas . . .
They stabbed people that got too close! And the dropped sap everywhere.

This year I said, "Let's see if they make it outside . . .
I would like a traditional Christmas tree."
The winter before was very mild, who knew I was tempting the Gods!
(Let me say I am not taking any kind of credit for our winter!
I just wanted a 'real' Christmas tree!)

Needless to say, the poor palms didn't make it . . .
They should really stay in Florida where they belong.
Although, I have to say, while they were here,
my terrace looked like a swank spa that I could never afford to go to!

And here is my fix to all the empty pots in my back yard . . .
Trees and shrubs that actually live in Connecticut!
And some flowers around the bottom for color.
I know the palms were sexier, but really, we all must
come to our senses sometime, am I right?

The peonies are in full bloom and I could sit next to them for hours.
I think I will have to snip one or two to put next to my bed
so I will have sweet dreams this week!
And this last shot is the pots next to my back door.
Yes that is a little pot of sand next to them.
The kid smokes and that drives me crazy!
There I said it, and for everyone to hear . . .

I hope you all have a wonderful
Memorial Day Weekend.
Please make sure that you thank everyone you know
who has served our country.


  1. Love your little scrappy pinwheel. I love sago palms but they are quite nasty to work around in the yard. Ask me how I know!

  2. What a cool, bright pinwheel, and if you hadn't mentioned it I would never have noticed it was different from the layout on the sewing table.

  3. I love the scrappy pinwheel. Such happy colors!

  4. I love both pinwheel versions. Perhaps you should make more and more and more and mix them all up? Very cool! As for the sago palms, I love them too, but they can be a bit irritating. Your patio looks so springy and inviting.

  5. Your block looks great! poor palms!!!
    ;-) I hope i can get out to the house after our meeting saturday to see my peonies!! ENVY ENVY!!!

  6. Love your pinwheel block! Don't say the color placement is a mistake - it's just a happy surprise. :) Your backyard looks beautiful!