Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hooky . . . and not the crochet kind!

I played hooky today . . .
Well, maybe not technically hooky, because I took a vacation day,
and there was nothing sneaky about it.
Something tells me the sneaky factor makes it a little more fun.

So first up I took a nice long walk by the water . . .
It was kinda chilly and foggy, but really quiet and serene.

Then I headed to Katonah to lunch with a new friend.
It's so nice to get to know someone who is new in your life.
Everything is fresh.

From there I headed to the Quilter's Alley, because, well,
I was almost right there!
You can't play hooky and not have fabric involved!
I was pretty good, three yards all together . . .
I also picked up a quilt that Roxanne finished up for me.
My Zig Zag quilt! All Kaffe all the time!
I had Roxanne to an all over leafy pattern.
The back is pieced too and is kind of busy, but I love it!
I have the perfect polka dot all set for the binding.

Of course no day of hooky would be complete
without a little time in the garden.
The peonies are starting to pop!
I am so anxious to take in their wonderful fragrance!
The rhoddies are in full bloom too.
This is my drive way, makes me think of a quilt . . .
What did you do today?
Hope you had fun!


  1. I remember days like this as a working girl. Glad you filled it with fun things. Can't wait to see that top large print appear in one of your quilts!

  2. If I weren't so busy I'd have been there too! ;-)hugs! kaffe looks great, and love your stash! Roxanne has an amazing eye for colors in her shop...