Monday, May 16, 2011

I took the plunge, let's see how this goes . . .

Well . . . I finally got the courage to do it . . .
I traded in my very old somewhat trustworthy HP lap top
for a beautiful MAC desktop!

It is quite funny teaching an old dog new tricks,
but I am up to the task . . . I hope.
I took a picture of the old and new side by side,
but can't seem to find it now to show you. hehehe.
Classes, more classes.

Besides getting used to the computer . . .
I have done a very little bit in the sewing room.

I cut mounds of strips for a class I am taking next Sunday,
this is just a peak, hopefully I will have something to show soon!

And I finished piecing the back for the
Metro Mod curved quilt.
I am so terribly sorry to Amy who has been waiting for it!
(Linking seems to be a problem, I guess more learning is required!)

So that's where I've been and where I'll be for a while.
Learning something new! What fun!
And looking at Blogger Quilt Festival Quilts . . .
I could sit for hours!

What are you up to these days??


  1. I've had a Mac for about a year and after getting used to things being almost the reverse of Windows, I now love it. Give yourself a little time to adjust. I really like your zig zag backing.

  2. While I'm a devoted quilter, I am intrigued by your move to Mac and would love to have more about this transition!