Friday, May 20, 2011

"Ugly" Fat Quarter

For our last Metro Mod Meeting, we exchanged "ugly" fat quarters

with the challenge to make them pretty.

I got this lovely piece of fabric from Helen,

which I don't think is ugly at all.

Look at all those wonderful colors!

Every color of the rainbow!

How could I go wrong?

So I sliced it up and put in some separating strips

Not too bad . . . but needs more.

So I sliced it the other way and flip flopped the strips.

I think I made it ugly. I did learn a few things.

I should have started with all different widths of strips with the fat quarter. I cut them all 2 inches to start with.

And I didn't need to put that blue border on the edges

before cutting and sewing everything together.

So what to do with it next?? I'll think on that a bit.


  1. That fat quarter certainly does not qualify as ugly in my book either. Maybe if you ripped out a few of your last horizontal seams and joined those strips in a different place? (So the vertical color stripes are not as prominent???)

  2. hmmm, now where did I put my ugly fat quarter? rats.
    I have no idea... lost it!! or maybe it wasn't that ugly!
    Lisa, use it as made fabric, cut it up and go from there... ;-)