Thursday, June 23, 2011


Have you ever been looking forward to something so much,
and then for circumstances out of your control,
it can't happen?

I was planning a little sewing retreat at my house
for this weekend with a few friends.
Unfortunately, three of the five us have come down
with terrible colds and flu, me included.

So instead of sewing, and giggling this weekend,
there will be kleenex, advil and soup.

I know in the scheme of things, this is not earth shattering,
but it is disappointing.

Sometimes things work out in ways we don't expect,
and we have to go with the flow and accept them.


  1. That sucks! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. What a let down. I hope you can reschedule it.

  3. that is definitely disappointing! I know what it feels like when I'm looking forward to something and then plans get changed. I do hope you get over the nasties quickly and are able to re-book another weekend retreat!

  4. Sorry you got sick but add some chicken soup to your list of remedies. It really helps.

  5. Sorry to hear.. But look on the bright you don't have to clean up when the weekends done...and can jump into some therapeutic sewing...and schedule your rain date. Smiles.

  6. It's sad, but you can't anticipate the flu! Feel better--maybe a drop of whiskey in your tea will help a little, too ;)