Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not a heck of a lot of sewing going on here . .

I have been crocheting . . .
Because I can do it with everyone around me on the couch
and I'm not hiding upstairs in the attic.
Sometimes I think I should move
my sewing room to the first floor . . .
where all the action is!

This little blanket is coming along nicely.
It is the second one I have made recently.
I'm sure the kid will abscond with it!

This time around I am doing random color selection and widths.
I grab and go.

* * * * * * * *

My SIL and the little man arrived last night.
They are here for a long weekend, up from Virginia.

So we went to the beach.
I haven't been to this new super duper playground yet,
because, well, I don't have a reason to go!
There is a very cool water area with ramps and fun things . . .
The whole thing looks like a ship!
Very cool and lots of screaming kids, but not our little darling,
He is as sweet as can be!


  1. I love that afghan! I am jealous! I had FINALLY learned how to crochet...and then developed arthritis in both thumbs and have had to give up crochet and knitting. I miss the "zen" of it.
    PS: I have resorted to moving my sewing machine to the kitchen table to be in the midst of the action before!!
    Deb at

  2. As usual, your photo compositions are so nice. I love the pic of your SIL and little man behind the bars of the playground.