Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Projects #10

Now that all the Christmas decorations are finally tucked away,
I can focus more on sewing.
My very good friend Barb has commissioned a quilt from me!
She is giving me free rein, but really liked Auntie Mo's quilt.
hint, hint, hint.
I've already made that quilt twice, so not really feeling the love on that.

I am going to use all the Kaffe Fassett fabrics that she loves . . .
but . . . I am going to use a disappearing nine patch design to put it together.

This is a very easy block to make.
There is a great tutorial here if you would like to see it in video form.
I really like seeing a video. I am a visual learner, you have to show
me step by step.

So after you make the traditional nine patch,
you whack it into quarters.

I am doing this quilt totally scrappy, but you can see how you could
really play around with color and pattern
to get a dramatic effect.

This is just kind of thrown together to show you the idea.

I'm sure I will play around with the layout when I have many more blocks completed.
The blocks sew up really fast.
Hoping this will be a quick quilt . . .
It was supposed to be done before Christmas. Hahaha!
Glad Barb is such a great friend, she knows my deadline issues.

I also finished piecing my Hard Candy top today.

You can read about this quilt here.
I have been working on it for a class and I needed it done for tomorrow!

Hard Candy was inspired totally from a quilt that Rita at Red Pepper Quilts made.

It's amazing how similar they turned out. I used 60* triangles,
and Rita used half square triangles.

I am still figuring out the quilting design.

It's quite bulky at the intersections, so I need to avoid those areas.

Any ideas???

Quite a productive day!

I even vacuumed up all those awful pine needles from the Christmas tree!

What did you work on today?


  1. I have only just discovered the disappearing nine patch block and i quite like it. And talking about your Kaffe fabrics has given me an idea how to use up my leftover Kaffe from a project I made last year.
    Love the trianges. I have been working on a scrappy wonky log cabin as part of a Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Finally got it all put together last night. Glad that is done!
    Happy stitching

  2. What great fabrics. With such beautiful fabrics, the pattern doesn't matter so much. Good luck getting the triangles quilted. It is going to be a great quilt

  3. I found out about your blog from Cherry Red Quilter! Love the disappearing 9-patch block! Your triangle quilt is beautiful! I have a love/hate relationship with triangles! Love what all you can do with them, but hate it when I sew off a point! You mentioned the bulky parts. Will Eleanor Burns' method shown here in the last step work on your quilt?

    Beautiful quilts!

  4. congrats on hard candy! it looks awesome~
    today i packed and repacked 2 suitcases. we're off to chicago in the morning~~

  5. The Hard Candy looks AMAZING (and I hope I get to see it in person!)! My only suggestion is to have someone else quilt it ;)
    I was slowly hand-quilting a big sampler today while watching football (yawn) with friends (yay for being social while quilting).

  6. I really like your Hard Candy, those are my kind of colors!

  7. I helped my mom make two disappearing nine patch quilts. It gives a nice complicated look to a pretty easy block! Especially when you make it scrappy with such beautiful fabrics. Nice triangles too--and you made the deadline!