Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Projects #12

Baby it's cold outside!!

I love that song . . .

Yesterday I met a friend for a latte in town,

I hadn't tried out this new place even though it's been

around for quite a while.

Look at how beautiful this latte is!!

I wish my quilting looked this good! Express Neat . . . my new favorite place!
And it tasted as wonderful as it looked.

Today I am trying to tidy up my sewing room.

I have a lovely railing around the stair case in the attic
that seems to collect all my quilt tops.

The kid has mentioned on quite a few occasions that I need to make these tops

into finished quilts. "When are you going to finish these?" "You keep making tops."

Do you think she wants to steal them away? Hahaha.
She always wants my quilts.

She is of course right, I need to finish these quilts and either use them or find them homes!
This log cabin quilt has been hanging around for a few years.

It is too big for me to quilt myself and until recently I hadn't found a place

that I trusted to do my quilts.

That changed last fall when I asked Roxanne at the Quilter's Alley

do a quilt for me.

She did a wonderful job.

Roxanne has a great shop in Ridgefield with a fabulous inventory!

So today I pieced two backs for quilts I want to finish.

One, the log cabin, will go to Roxanne next week, and the other,

my Hard Candy quilt, I will do this week.

I just bought some wool batting to try on my Hard Candy quilt. It is light as a feather.
I can't wait to see how it handles and if it is easier than the Warm & Natural I usually use.

What batting do you prefer?

Here are the two quilt tops and the pieced backs.

There are still about seven other tops on my rail that need to be finished!

Slow and steady wins the race right?

What did you work on today? Hope you are warm and cozy!


  1. Gorgeous quilts and I know what you mean on finding someone good enough to trust with your quilts. Happy stitching!

  2. I love wool batting. I think it is easier to use than warm and natural. I use Quilter's Dream Wool. It is so lightweight...warm in the winter but works nice on those cool summer nights too. It washes nicely if you follow the washing instructions. I use it on all my quilts except baby quilts that require frequent washing. Good luck with it!

  3. You are going to be so happy to get some of your tops finished. I love both quilts and the backs you have made for them are fabulous. Can't wait to see the FINISH posts!

  4. I've been working on my postage stamp quilt-along top. It's going fantastically and right now it's spread out on my bed.

    Your log cabin quilt makes me jealous. I really want to make one, but I just keep putting it off. Yours is beautiful.

  5. You inspire me! Love Gidget

  6. I'm a little late commenting - but beautiful work! As for what I worked on this past Sunday - I'm near to finishing a baby blanket I'm knitting for a friend. I should be posting pictures of it on my blog once I'm done. I love the pattern and the yarn.