Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Projects #13

Such a busy day today!
There was walking, shovelling, lattes, maincures, laundry,
I finished quilting my Hard Candy quilt,
and I'm sure you are all sick of hearing
about it and glad it is almost finished!
Just sewing the binding on now.

This is the back. I love the diamonds.

Just as I was finishing up this quilting . . . .

Gidget arrived with her stash from yesterday's field trip.

She was ready to make her market bag.

Now Gidget knows how to sew, she has made quilts, I have seen them.

She cut all her fabric before she came to my house.

"This looks so small"

Hello! Mini Market Bag Instructions!

So Gidget set about getting started on her bag while I worked on
my commission quilt, (top done! yeah!)

I was only there for support if needed.
I realize I have issues with wanting to help too much.

The kid is laughing right now. She thinks I am a hover mother.
She is right.

Here is Gidget putting together the straps for her bag at my machine.
I had the exact twill binding she needed . . .
because, well, I save everything too and I just had it.

There was some seam ripping, some my fault . . .

There was much giggling and laughing . . .

"We should open a store together!"

There was this comment . . . .

"Well, I"m never doing this again! I'll just buy the damm bag!"
Hahaha, I should make some to sell her.

Here is the finished bag! She did a great job, only broke one needle on my machine.
(She ran over a pin, hahaha)

Gidget has great color sense. She got an "A" today.

on another note . . .

This is my terrace . . .
Those are my lawn chairs with about 15 inches of snow above the chair line.

Really?? Come on!!

And I think we are going to get hammered again this week.

Keep sewing and keep smiling!

49 days til spring.


  1. You have just made my day! I love what you girls are doing/have done. A+ in my book, too.

  2. Really? 49 days til spring? Yay! We are under a winter storm watch in Ohio and I expect it to become a warning. Then it will head your way, no doubt. You have an unbelievable amount of snow in your photo for where you live! I love your mother-daughter story. Too funny! It's fun to have a daughter who likes to sew, isn't it? My sewing daughter lives near you in NYC.

  3. 1. I love the diamonds too.
    2. That bag is sooo cute!
    3. broken needles are easy to fix! ;)

  4. The back of Hard Candy looks great. Hope you show the front after the binding is done.

  5. Love looking inside the studio! More, please.

  6. Gidget did a very nice job on her bag. So proud of her. You know - I miss program lunches.