Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Projects #9

Well . . . .
More cleaning than sewing today I'm afraid.
You know, the "new year" get the cob webs out
kind of cleaning . . .

I did get the UFO top put together.
And I pieced the back too.

All layered and basted waiting to be quilted!

on another note . . . .

I went to see a fabulous movie yesterday.

The King's Speech.

I highly recommend it. Colin Firth is dreamy.
The whole cast is wonderful.
Anthony Andrews has a small part, he is one of my faves.
I see many awards in their future.

What did you work on today??


  1. Love the quilt - really like the brown - works so well!

  2. Love your quilt top. I'm cleaning and finishing a cowl. Hope you have a happy 2011.

  3. It looks great Lisa!!! Love it!
    I am hoping to see that flick Thursday. Glad to hear you liked it... we came back from EH today, so I have been unpacking and figuring out my schedule for the week... fun!

  4. Hey, cleaning counts, majorly!! And you cleaned AND sewed?? WTG!! 'Bout the only thing I did today was get fitted for a splint for my left hand. Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Don't see a lot of quilting (or crocheting, knitting, etc.) in my immediate future. Hoping that the upcoming OT will help.

    Thought The King's Speech was a dynamite flick, and I adore Colin Firth, but I coulda done without so many closeups of his mouth.

  5. LOVE your UFO. And also am a big fan of you way you made your back. I am also looking forward to seeing Colin Firth (school girl giggles)