Sunday, August 7, 2011

Metro Mod Sewing Day

Today was our NYC Metro Mod sewing day
at the City Quilter. There was only room for 14 of us,
but we had a great time anyway!
There are rumblings about trying to put together
a sewing retreat! I can only hope . . .

Since I treck in from the burbs, I just grabbed a box of kaffe
squares I had already pre-cut and without any idea what I would do,
I started making some blocks.

Not sure where they are going, but it was fun to sew something I didn't
have to think about too much, so I could chat and laugh and
giggle with everyone around me.

There was lots of sewing, cutting, ironing . . .
Here is a busy crowd.
Victoria and Kim having fun . . .
And the lovely Earamichia showing off her Winter Quilt.

A great day had by all!
Thanks to Victoria for putting it all together.


  1. You are so quick! I feel like i barley got home!
    it was so not enough time!!! gotta plant his again...

  2. oh, that looks like fun! wish i could have been there~

  3. I know...i ran home ...oh well after a drink with david, michael and Amy...I ran home and started working on my Show today shall be the download the pics day...also have to write up all the lovely stuff from the amazing Quilters Take Manhattan events...