Thursday, November 10, 2011

Denyse Schmidt and the Norwalk Quilt Trail

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Denyse Schmidt

Denyse spoke about modern quilts with traditional inspiration.  
She was a delight to listen to!
She has a funny sense of humor and gave us a brief history of her roots in
quilting and how she comes to design them.
Her process includes taking photographs of everything
that inspires her and then setting down with pad and pencils to sketch.
From there she moves to the computer and to the design wall.
Even though her quilts "look simple," there is a lengthy  
process in getting there.
Denyse has a new book coming out in the spring based on 
modern interpretations of traditional patterns.

Here are some of the very traditional quilts that were on
display at the Norwalk Historical Society where the talk was held.
 These first two were entirely made of silk 
and absolutely gorgeous!

Below is a 1000 pyramids . . .
 I forgot what this pattern is called, something with oceans . . .
 And a very traditional pickle dish.

This caught my eye!  Apparently this line of fabric
is making a come back with some new colors and additions.
Look for them in March of 2012.

Please don't forget that tomorrow is Veteran's Day.
Make sure you thank everyone you know who has served our county
and protected out freedom.


  1. I really want to try piecing with silk. The two you posted are wonderful.

  2. Sounded like an excellent weekend! That's an Ocean Waves quilt and I'm pretty sure the other one is Picklel Dish.

    I took a class with Denyse Schmidt at her Bridgeport Studio - to say that it impacted my quilting life is an understatement!