Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Visiting Quilts

Do you ever get to visit the quilts you have given as gifts??
I love to see that they are well loved
and being used often!
This past weekend I got to see two quilts I made a while ago.
The first, for my cousin when he graduated from high school
five years ago.
He wanted an orange quilt.
I used all Kaffe fabrics and he loves it!
 I did drunkards path and set them to look like circles
 That yellow border is really more mustardy.

The second quilt I made nine years ago.
It's a postage stamp quilt with all the colors of
my aunt's first floor (at the time) so she could use it in any room.
 Different colors for me right?
I'm still very fond of it though,
and it has held up well to lots of loving.
 Funny enough I was very lucky  to show this quilt to 
Kathy Miller of Michael Miller Fabrics when I first made it.
She happened to live in my town at the time, 
and she happened to see me showing it off to a friend.
Kathy wanted to know all about it.
Very sweet.
So here are two of my quilts living in Massachusetts.
Luckily I get to visit them often.
Where do your quilts live??


  1. Ha! your second quilt looks like my couch quilt's distant cousin!
    I have quilts living in chicago (4), new hampshire (1), massachusetts (2), california (1), and greece (2). wow, until counting it out, I forgot how many I had gifted.. it's nice to visit them, I always like to see how they're wearing..

  2. Heartwarming post! I especially love the orange one.