Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Finish

Yes it's done!
I finished my courthouse steps quilt last night.
I am donating this quilt to Victoria's Basics Quilt Drive.
 I just love this quilt!
The colors are so me, and I really loved the picking and choosing
of fabrics for each block.
 I did a very "organic" straight lines quilting following loosely
the seams of the logs.  
After I washed it, it just feels so cozy, I can't stand it!
 It measures 62" x 82"
And I pieced that back with Nicey Jane and pale yellow Kona.
 For the binding I did a black and white print
that looks like vines. 
I really like the way this quilt came out and I am so glad
that it will be going to live with a family
that can really use it.

Victoria is trying to reach 400 quilts this time around,
Do you have a quilt you could contribute?
She is having a distribution day December 1st,
but you may keep donating, this is an ongoing drive.
Mine is going in the mail tomorrow.
How about you?


  1. wonderful quilt - I am really seeing a lot of court house steps at the moment - my new fav block I think!

  2. After seeing yours, I just have to make one. I know it is going to a good cause but this one would be hard for me to part with.

  3. That is so gorgeous. You are an angel to give this away. I know it will be cherished forever by whom ever receives this cozy creation.