Sunday, December 18, 2011


Remember this blast from the past?
My Kaffe D9P from last year.
I have been procrastinating on this one.

There is always an excuse if you need one.
 I love it so much, I didn't want to finish it.
And well, because I knew I wasn't going to keep it, I didn't want to finish it.
 This little beauty is going to the niece of one of my best buddies.
Barbarita commissioned it about 20 months ago.
She has been very patient with me on this one.

 What is it about finishing a quilt that makes me want to wait to complete it?
I can always start another, but I guess knowing this one
would be leaving me, gave me free reign to stall.
 This lovely couple got married 18 months ago . . . 
Now they are expecting a baby in June.
So you see, I will have another deadline!
 I'm not too worried about missing this deadline.
Everyone involved is very laid back and knew that one day it would
get done . . .  
I am going to miss this quilt . . . Better to give than to keep right?
And it is going to a very good home.
Thank goodness I have so much of this fabric!

On to the next project.
My strips quilt!
I am just loving this one.
You can read about how it started here.
I am slowly working on blocks.
Cutting and adding as I go along.
I have a ton of the original strip sets,
so I think this quilt is going to be pretty big . . . 
 . . . . or two quilts.
Still not completely sure where this is going,
but I will keep pressing on.
How was your Sunday?  We are down to the count now right?
I hope everyone has a great end of the year holiday celebration!


  1. Love the Kaffe quilt! The strips quilt looks great so far...can't wait to see the finished result.

  2. ooh! You are having some fun over here aren't you!!!Looks great!!