Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweatshop Sunday

Such a busy weekend I have had!
Too much fun and laughter, well, there's never too much of that really.
My Saturday started with our NYC Metro Mod Guild meeting.
Always so much fun!
Here is Mary's collection of her Bee Blocks from October.
Love seeing them altogether.
 And Jessica's Bee Blocks from November.
  Jessica's Round Robin came back to her,
isn't it wonderful?!!! 
 Here is E's Bee Block quilt put together and layered for quilting.
 E also had her Christmas quilt top finished and layered.
Something tells me that girl will doing alot of machine quilting in the near future!
 Here I am with Bambi Shapiro, (she picked her psuedo-name, so typical)
We are holding our raffle tickets for all the swag they were handing out.
Bambi is one of my great quilting buddies and just great buddy in general.
She makes me laugh!!!  All the time.
 I showed my 15 Mins Play BOM.
After the meeting, Bambi and I headed to the fabric stores.
We walked around for hours laughing and checking out
what's new.
All in all, Saturday was a blast in more ways than one! 

So onto the sweatshop portion of our post.
Sunday, I decided to stay home and sew all day long.
I only ventured out for food in the late afternoon.
I set up my big folding cutting table, ironing board and
rearranged the whole room.
It's tight, but totally fine for sewing all day.
What else could a girl ask for???  Haha.

I got this bag of goodies from the swap table at the Guild meeting yesterday.
My colors or what?
I didn't realize it when I grabbed the bag that they are all
uneven width strips that are cut selvage to selvage.
I decided to dive in and start sewing them all together first.
I have an idea of where I am going with this . . . 

But for now, this is what I will show you.
I am going to sew batches together and then cut them up again and again.

I'll keep you posted on this new project.

 I also made five infinity scarves using this tutorial.
I did change the dimensions a bit.  My friend Margaret suggested
a thinner width and longer length with a three time twist instead of two
and it worked beautifully!
Thanks Margaret!!!
Some of my quilty friends threw down this challenge
for me today.  
I think they questioned my resolve.  Hehehe.
What were they thinking?  I have red hair.
Never challenge a redhead. 

What did you do this weekend?  I hope you had as much fun as I did!!


  1. What a fun week-end. Always nice when you have so much to show for "me" time!

  2. Definitely a fine weekend. What great inspiration.

  3. You made me laugh again! Can't wait to see what you do with those strips.

  4. Mmmm hmmmmm sweat shop you say. So only five scarves lol. Did you do it the other way we were talking about Saturday night. I am taking a break from the mug rug. Five almost done, and 6 more cut and ready to stitch. Just sliced and diced a layer cake. I feel another quilt top in the making. Almost done quilting the bee block. Waiting for my wool to arrive for the holiday top. Let's see what Sunday brings.