Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Lazy Sunday

A lovely lazy Sunday indeed.
Slept in, finished my book, walked with my friend . . .
And I did a little bit of sewing.

Remember these strips from last weekend?
Well they are all sewn together.
 And chopped up.
 I love all the colors.  Can you believe all of this came in one bag 
from the swap table at our guild meeting???
 So now I have started to put them all together.
I am just jumping in and grabbing and sewing.
 I'm sure I will chop these up a bit more, and I'm not sure
where I am going with this, but it is certainly fun to just
jump in with total abandon!

I am also working on my hexies.
I love a project that I can sit on the couch watching
a movie and sew, sew, sew.  
Tonight it is The King's Speech,
which I saw in the theatre, but loved so much can't wait to see it again.
Is it decadent to have a lazy Sunday during the holiday season?
I think it is just what we need when the season gets too hectic.
I hope you had a calm and serene day!


  1. Love love those strips/stripes that you're slicing and dicing. And the hexies are so tempting me. I've always thought of trying those. Seeing your wonderful colors makes me Really wanna give it a try. What a perfect day you've made for yoyrself

  2. Love what you are doing with the strata! This is so much fun, and very inspirational.

  3. What a fun project from someone else's scraps! Looking forward to seeing your creation evolve.