Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Bit . . . .

The sewing around here has been little these days. . . 
need to find my Mojo again.
I did manage to make another little cap.
This time with made fabric a la 15 min play.
It came out cute, a little puffy from all the seams, 
but cozy just the same.

I also worked on my flying geese . . . 
Was thinking of putting some of the square blocks in there too,
but I'm on the fence.
What do you think?

Here's hoping this next week brings a little more 
Mo to the Jo!
What are you working on??


  1. Little is better than nothing! I vote yes on the square blocks. That one is SO CUTE.

  2. Love your little square block, great colour combination. Don't you find that when you start something (however small) and keep going you get more enthusiastic? What am I working on? - machine quilting, with straight stitching, a piece for our quilt show in April - almost finished.

  3. The square block is cute! I think it will be great with the flying geese. Love the colors you are working with, too.