Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Finish!

I finished my Triangles Galore Bee Quilt!
There was much more quilting on this one than I usually do . . .
I was practicing my FM skills,
and I have to say I am pleased with the results.
You can see more about this quilt here.

It all came together in the end.
The borders, the quilting, the binding . . .

I tried pebble quilting for the first time, in the small inner border.
It certainly uses a lot of thread, but I love the effect,
and it is very forgiving!
My border was kinda of floppy, so the heavy quilting
made it lie flat again. 

I love this quilt!  So much color!
It is headed to one of my favorite people.
But it's a surprise, so I can't tell you who!

Our Metro Mod meeting was this past Saturday,
and I sat on the floor finishing up the binding
just in time! 

(photo from Victoria)

Our last meeting in Victoria's loft. 
We will have new digs in December.
I will miss her cozy loft, but we have gotten too big in membership!
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Hi Lisa, should have come over to introduce myself yesterday at the guild but with all the people and chatter it just didn't happen. I really wanted to say how much I love the quilt and what a thrill it gives me to see my block in there. I'm so impressed with how it's turned out - great job :)

  2. What a stunner of a quilt Lisa! Love the pattern, the quilting, just everything! xo

  3. It is really a beautiful and happy quilt! A finish to be proud of.

  4. Wow, the quilt looks amazing! So happy that you liked the Bee blocks...enjoy the beautiful results! :)

  5. Hi I'm Terry we sometimes play together at 15 min. I checked out Mod Guild report and I'm in awe of your Triangles Galore Quilt.
    Now while I was visiting you here I saw the Aussie Hero site. Hopped over and learned Jen is only a 20 min drive from me and I now have 4 laundry bags ready to assemble. Small world playing with friends.

  6. what a yummy yummy quilt. It is wonderful and I love the quilting too. Lucky recipient!