Sunday, October 21, 2012

This and that . . .

There was a little bit of sewing this week . . .
I finished the quilt for my new niece!

I did simple straight line quilting a half inch from each seam.

I love this easy and quick quilting method.
I still need to wash this, but it is already soft and crinkly.

I also did a little exploring with a friend of mine.
We stopped at a roadside gardening place that
I have driven by a hundred times . . . 

Very inspiring! I wish I had seen this bird bath before I moved
out of my house.  How cute is that!?  My bird bath always had
a film on the bottom, this is a great solution to an unsightly
problem.  But of course, there would be no water for the birds!

And these lovely glass jars in three pieces. . . 

I can see a terrarium in my future!
The perfect thing for apartment living.
Love those colors!

on another note . . .
Halloween is only about a week away.
Don't you love this enthusiasm? 

I'm so glad others have the drive to do this.
It is fun, but . . . 

So much work!
Do you see the body on the roof wrapped in spider webbing?
Very inventive.  Hahaha.

Hope you had a great weekend and had some fun!


  1. Good for you getting your niece's quilt done. Very cute! Love that Halloween House. They really get into it, don't they?

  2. Lovely little baby quilt. You always have such an eye for great color combinations. That planter is really great inspiration for a quilt color palette!