Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Lazy Sunday Sewing . . .

It has been a busy Thanksgiving weekend around here.
I got to see my niece and nephew and take them into the city . . .
I visited with lots of friends and family . . . 
And I did a little bit of sewing . . .
I wanted to do more, but I'm lazy today . . . 

I have been quilting my White's-Lights challenge quilt,
and it is coming along nicely.

Yes, I seem to need my reading glasses for everything now.
(I even had to put a larger font size on my phone.  Arrrrgh!)
I have the binding picked out and ready to go.
Hoping to finish this baby for our Metro Mod meeting next Saturday.

I also had the pleasure of visiting a baby quilt 
that I made 18 years ago!
This is a well loved quilt!
No one is allowed to touch it!  HA!

You can't believe that it is still holding together,
just by a "thread"!  Haha.
I am so thrilled that it has been so well loved.
And I'm told it is going to college next year.
I think I might need to make a little pillowcase for it to go into!

On another note . . . 

I received this beautiful wool felted hat this week!
It is a thank you gift from Carolyn for my writing of the cap tutorial!
How sweet is that!!  She made this!

It went on it's first of many chilly walks today and it was perfect.
Thanks Carolyn!

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend . . . 
Now back to reality! Whatever that is . . . 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweat Shop Monday

Today was a holiday for the three of us, 
Gidget, The Kid and myself,
so we decided another
sweat shop day was in order.
We keep saying we need to do this more often,
but it only happens about twice a year.

I needed to work on a charity wreath for an auction 
later this month.  I searched Pinterest for something festive.

This is a painted floral template that I attached strips of tulle too.
Then I glued on glittery stars from Target.
Very easy and a nice outcome I think.
But, there is glitter everywhere.
So if you see me in the next few days with glitter 
on my face, just smile and nod.

The other wreath I was going to try was popcorn strung 
and wrapped around a paper plate with the center cut out.
HORRIBLE!  I gave up pretty quickly.
(You can see it is already in the trash.)
The kid was laughing at me because 
I was spewing a few choice words!

The kid decided to work on an UFO that 
has been hanging around for about ten years, (at least)!
She had cut up all her old button down shirts
and kept the polo horses for little accents.

She decided on a sixteen patch layout.

Here is her finish.
She gave up on this pretty quickly.  Hehe.
"A baby quilt is fine."

Gidget brought a bag to finish.
It is a gift that she gave and then took back to finish.
I think we've all done that at one time or another!

Gidget is the Queen of bag making!
Here is her finish.

 Gidget was on a roll today,
She whipped out this quilt, 
(that she was working on at the last sweat shop day!)
and layered it and got it mostly finished
before we had say goodbye for the day.

All in all, another great day
spent with two wonderful women!
Thanks for the giggles girls!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

And there was light . . . .

I meant to do this post last weekend when I finally got power back . . 
But, when you haven't had power for five days, 
you don't think about blogging, you think about doing
everything else you couldn't do for five days!
Sewing, having a hot shower, cooking a nice meal,
watching a movie, listening to music.
I hate to admit how dependent I am on electricity!

This week I did do a lot of sewing on my whites and lights
challenge quilt.

My blocks are 12.5" square and I ended up making 30 of them.
The top is finished at 60" x 72."

I love they way this top turned out!
Now to layer it and start quilting!

And here's to all our veterans and active duty soldiers
defending our country.
My brother is in Afghanistan, and his wife, 
my SIL, a veteran herself,
is home taking care of two small children by herself.
These are two of the heroes in my life,
and I salute them!
Happy Veterans Day Doug and Jess!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Still in the dark!

I know so many people have lost everything and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone hit by Sandy. We have been lucky in that everyone seems to be safe here in our town.

I have been working on my hexies by candle light for the past few nights. How did our pioneer women see to do this? I can barely thread the needle! I think I'll load up a bunch of needles while the sun is shining.