Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Double Wedding Ring . . . .

This is a quilt I didn't think I would EVER make.
Wasn't ever a fan of the pattern, thought it was too

Haha.  Boy was I wrong.

and then her DWR Challenge, I got the bug.

I only did a single ring because I was a judge and couldn't win,
so I was a slacker. Haha.
And I still wasn't sold on this pattern.

Then I saw so many wonderful DWR quilts coming out of
Victoria's inspiration, I decided to give it a whirl

I had been hoarding Kaffe Fassett stripes and plaids for a while.
Couldn't cut them up.  Haha.
Then I found some rich peppered cotton solids 
and started a "Plan" so to speak.

Actually I just started cutting everything up.
No counting how many I need of this or that.
Sound familiar? 

Put it away for a while, dragged it back out and cut some more.

Then I started sewing the melons together.  Still no real plan.

I didn't even lay it all out first, 
just made each melon as I liked them.

I started with all the deep blues, purples and greens on one side,
and worked my way across the design wall.

More sewing and slapping up.

But I had all these bright yellows, pinks and greens too.
I put them on the end.

This pattern does take awhile to put together.
Patience is the word!

I sewed all the melons first.
It was coming together.

I liked it but . . . .  Didn't love it.
So off the wall it went for a while.
I had other quilts calling my name.

It is such a great book!  You have to get it!
Inspiration re-fired!

I had most of the  pieces cut and put together,
so I played around with the layout.
I wanted it scrappy, and it surely is!

I added in a few other Kaffe prints 
where I had run out of what I was using.

I sewed the rings into rows,
and slowly put the rows together.

Because everything was overlapping on my design wall,
I had no idea how big this was going to be!
Below is on a third of it!

It was a slow sewing process 
and I tend to pin the hell out of everything
curvy!  But that's just me.  
It was definitely worth taking my time on.

See here, I sewed the it together wrong!
Jack the Ripper makes an appearance.
It's not perfect, there are some puckers and tucks.
I'm hoping the quilting will take that out.

I am so pleased with this top.
I am also pleased that I tried something
I didn't think I ever would.

Good lesson don't you think?
What are you afraid of?
Or not interested in?
Take a chance, you might be inspired.


  1. This is so pretty, great job! Love the colors and how you laid them out. I'm afraid of starting a quilt this complicated and then losing interest and never finishing it...

  2. It really is a gorgeous display of colors. It is definitely not old fashioned. By themselves, I don't like those Kaffes, but in a quilt, it is great. Wonderful job. You made your cow quilt.

  3. Victoria inspired me as well to make a double wedding ring! So out of my comfort zone, but here I am on row 4!! I am a huge fan of Kaffe fabrics and your color way is stunning! So glad to have found you in blog land! xoE

  4. Gorgeous! Simply stunning! I don't have the patience for those curves ...

  5. Fabulous!! Lisa, this is a stunner! I loved seeing the evolution, too. And I bet it's super-soft with all those Kaffe stripes. Dizzy, happy, colorful circles.

  6. What a process - cutting, no counting, sewing melons you liked, no plan - my kinda quilt & the outcome looks wonderful & I can't wait to see the real top!

  7. Glorious!!! Love it Lisa!! I'm so excited you whipped this up!

  8. I love the progression and development of this quilt. Thanks for the honest process!