Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sizzix Quilt Challenge!

My friend Victoria Findlay Wolfe has a little challenge going on . . . 
Have you heard???

She has designed some die cuts for the Sizzix Die Cutting System.

 I didn't have the cutting system, so V graciously said,
"Come on over and cut some fabric after the guild meeting."

Hehe, you don't have to ask me twice!
I grabbed a bunch of florals in warms and cool colors.

I cut up a whole top in about an hour . . . 
Using her melon wedding ring pattern.

 I was hooked. 
I bought the system a few days later.
Here it is on my counter so I have good leverage.

Since I really had no plan at first,
(I just cut warms for the melons and cools for the centers)
I just kind of winged it on the design wall.

A huge floral mess.

Took it down and moved things around.
I had only cut two or four of each fabric in the melon shape.
It's okay.  But not completely loving it.

This is about the day when I ordered the whole system,
and had to wait for it to arrive to cut more fabric.
(Impatient red head!)
Once it showed up, I cut more melons in red.
Fooled around with the corners.
Moved the lightest star to the center,
but that's not working either.

Moved it back.
That pink in the center is not the right color.

So I put in a darker shade of pink.
And voila!
Now this I love.
I have found recently that I really need to leave my stuff
up on the wall and play around with it for a while
before putting it all together.
(Sorry for the crappy photos, no good light inside!)

And here is the construction.
Sew the rows together and then sew the serpentine rows together.
Easy Peasy.

So are you going to make a quilt for the challenge?
Lot's of fun prizes, 
but really it's just a great challenge!

And I have an idea for a second quilt.
Stay tuned!

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  1. I have borrowed an Accuquilt cutter to see if it is worth it to cut fabric. I cut mostly squares and strips, so I think I do better with the Stripology ruler. The cutter might make sense if I cut blocks like you did. However, how many times would you use the same die again? Curved blocks would probably make sense for a die. If I lived closer, I would ask to come over and cut this quilt. It would be great if there was a die for the January block or the flowering snowball.