Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blogging . . . . .

 Blogging . . .
So this top picture won't move. 
Thanks Blogger!

I decided to write a blog post because two of my Queeps
(quilt people friends)
Have been giving me the business about not blogging.
Apparently they actually read my blog posts.  Hehe

 I find it funny, because really I'm a picture girl.
I don't need a lot of words.

I decided that, yes, I will try to give this old blog
some much needed CPR and return it from its
place of languishing in cyber space.

So once or twice a week I will photo bomb something in here.
Comment, don't comment, doesn't matter, just enjoy.

The top picture and this one under are my final pics
Love the way it came out! Have you entered yet?

Last weekend I was in Salem, MA for a two day class
Double Wedding Rings baby!
I'm doing my goldfish version of her Big Lights Bright City Pattern.

And then this happened.
I was fooling around with the arcs and they made a circle star!
Squeals of delight insued!
Two quilts for the price of one!

I've only made one star block, but I can tell this is going to be a quilt.
Maybe if I blow the pattern up huge, I can make a one block star baby quilt.
Because you know, I only have six other quilts in progress right now.
I guess it beats smoking crack for an addiction!  Hehe.

So Jacqui and Julie, thanks for the poke.
I will try not to let you down in the blogging world.


  1. Yay - lots of nice pictures to look at. I had to giggle at the 'beats smoking crack' comment - I wonder if you put that in just to see if anyone was reading?

  2. Love seeing the work! Very inspiring. I agree about blogging- I love to do the pictures, but the writing I find very difficult. Especially when I finally think I write a great story and get one comment.

  3. Glad you're back.... love the star - as a one block baby quilt it would be gorgeous!

  4. Now you're talkin'---
    Delicious, inspirational, vibrant color---
    Blogs are so draining after a while, but pix are so easy
    Thank you for sharing