Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Hexie Star Quilt . . .

A few weeks ago, my pal Victoria Findlay Wolfe,
gave me her new templates to play around with.
Last week I pulled them out and starting cutting!

I had some Jennifer Paganelli fabric I was hording,
and I thought this would be the perfect way to show case her fabrics.

A great combo right?  Victoria and Jennifer!

I started kinda fussing cutting the Hexie's and Triangles
so the fabric pattern would look like one big start.

I used the same green fabric to set the stars.
Really makes them pop right?

I was getting so impatient because
 I didn't have much time this week to play.
Hehe, I came home for lunch everyday and tried to cut some more.
The templates are very easy to use!
My day job just gets in the way of all my fun.

Finally last night, I had the whole thing cut and up on the wall.

This morning I decided I needed to make hay 
and get this baby all pieced together. 
My design wall is in my kitchen, and my sewing machine 
is in the living room.  Not a far distance, but I had no time for 
all the up and down and back and forth!
So I set up my little Bernina on the kitchen counter
and put my ironing board right next to it.

I must say sewing standing up was fun,
kept me on task too.  I get distracted so easily.

Now here is the GREAT thing about these templates
and the layout I chose . . . . 
It sews together in a flash and very quickly!
Sew the diamonds first.

Then sew the diamonds into rows.

I pinned at the intersections and got perfect points!
The templates have notched tips
 and it makes the piecing together a dream.

Here I am multi-tasking!
I'm piecing on my sewing machine.
The dishwasher is humming away.
And I'm getting a steamy facial as I stand over it sewing.

Here are my rows coming  together.
I used the triangle template to make some diamonds
to fill in on the sides.

 TADA!  Four hours of stand up piecing (with breaks of course)
And I have a beautiful quilt top!
I really love those sides and am going to do tricky binding
on those edges.

Here are the templates.  A 10" hexie with a triangle that fits.

Thank Victoria!!
Now I have about 8 more ideas for quilts using these.
Hehehe  #youaretheculprit


  1. Love it... I guess I will require these as well. Tall are truly enablers... Lol

  2. Oh my!! Love it and I guess the templates go on my "must have" list!!!

  3. Great multi-tasking. The templets sure went together well. Glad you got to play.

  4. It's great to see the scale of the pieces when you shared your wall. I love J Paganelli fabrics too! The large scale is sure easier than the 2" hexies I'm hand-piecing on Friday nights...

  5. Such a lovely finish! It looks like a clever way of piecing, making up the diamonds first, and I guess large 10" hexis make the piecing easier too?