Saturday, March 21, 2015

National Quilting Day!

Today is National Quilting Day!

partnered with Christie's Quilting Boutique to have a day of sewing!

The lovely Kate Spain dropped in to show us how she 
approches the design of a new line of fabric.

It was so interesting to here how she moves from photos and drawings,
to colors and repeats, 
and finally to a finished product.
And then to the quilt!!!

Kate's Horizon line started with block printing,
and she showed us some of her practice samples.

Then we got to see a parade of fabulous quilts!
This one she took right off her bed!

This is one of the first quilts she ever made.

Her Central Park Quilt.

This is a particular favorite!
I think I need to make a word quilt.

And I love the back of it too!

Kate is so warm and down to earth.
It was such a pleasure to hear her talk about her passion 
for design and color.  
We were so lucky to get to see all of her eye candy!
Thanks Kate!

Then we settled down to some sewing.
Judy and I realized we had made the same
little notions pouch.  
So funny to see the same pattern and we both did it so differently!

The mods took over this corner of the room,
The light was much better for our rather mature eyes.  Hehe.

Judy & I worked on putting together this group community quilt top.

Margaret worked on this beauty.

Jody worked on an arrow baby quilt.
Love the graphic feel of this.

Mayann finished quilting this baby
and was able to square it it.

And I tried out some of these January Blocks.
I like them, except I have to cut the pieces out by hand.

Here is the group photo before we all headed out.
Very fun day!

Thanks to Christie's Quilting Boutique for all the fun
swag bags and prizes!
Always fun when quilters get together!


  1. I love the Never Give Up on Your Dreams...Now Get Out of Bed quilt!!
    Sound like a real fun day of quilting.

  2. Some people from my guild met today and we worked on quilts for the Gold Star Kids Camp in July. And, hey, I just saw the January block on In Color Order yesterday and downloaded it. I was going to do it in black and whites with scraps of color. Your day sounded real great!

  3. Lisa, you & Christie organized a lovely day from beginning to end for all of the participants! Thanks a whole bunch!