Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally some warmth!

Today the sun was shining and the temperature was in the 60's!!
Can you believe it?

I headed into the city for the last of my orphan block quilt classes.
Such a great day to be in the city!

My top is complete!

Seems like everyone likes my toppling tree the best.
I have met some really fun women in this class
and we are going to try to take another class together soon.
Nothing like bonding with other creative types!

As I was walking down 25th street . . .

Look what I saw! The vintage clothing store had mermaids in the window!

Then I walked down to Lion Brand Yarn Store.
I have never been to their store before,
very inviting.

A big lion on skates in the front window.

Lots of yummy yarn everywhere you look.

And fabulous sunflowers on the wall!
See their petals falling down?
Makes me feel like spring and summer are really on their way!
How did you enjoy your winter melt day?


  1. Congrats on finishing the top--it's amazing!
    Everyone had spring fever today. Convertible cars, no coats, and everyone filling up the park. Best weather ever!

  2. I'm enjoying your non-quilty photos. You have the knack of framing things nicely. Of course I still love that quilt!

  3. hey! well done! can't wait to see this quilt in April!

  4. The quilt is looking fabulous! Love how bright and happy it is. The mermaids are fun also.

  5. Thanks for sharing great pictures from a far away world (for me) Love the top! It is so much fun and the toppling tree is wonderful focal point.

  6. NYC is a wonderful place, I go there with my daughter when I visit her. Love the shop with the mermaids in the window, you must have been thrilled to see them. The quilt you're making is gorgeous!

  7. Love your orphan quilt! The toppling tree is great