Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Projects #16

This Sunday there was alot of mindless picking up

and wandering around. Cabin fever baby!

We got a taste of spring and then got slapped back to winter reality.

That's okay, I know the warmer weather has to arrive at some point!

Did some playing around today.

In the vein of the disappearing nine patch block,

I took out this pinwheel block that was a little too big

and decided to see what I could come up with.

It's too large for the quilt I'm working on,

and funny enough I was thinking about how to cut it up while

I was trying to fall asleep last night.

I know, I need a life. hahahaha.

I picked a random number of 2 inches to take off of each side.

I kept the right and left side as one length instead of making little squares in the corners.

(Thinking now I should have made the corners and turned them too.)

Then I rotated each piece so it would contrast the center pinwheel.

Nice huh?

I attached the short sides first.

Then realized the long sides would be too long.

I cut off half an inch from the center seam on those pieces.

Here is the finished block.

I think this is going into my orphan block box for my next orphan quilt.

I also cleaned up my fabric, well some of it . . .

Before . . .

Such a mess.

I think if a tackle one area of my sewing room at a time

I can get things under control.

After . . .

It won't last long, but it looks nice for now.

So what did you do today? Clean out a closet?

Finish a quilt? Make a cake?

Hey! Invite me over if you made a cake!

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  1. How fun creating a new block! I have been working on binding the brown quilt this week-end. Hard to believe, huh? What I really need to be doing is cleaning my sewing room or at least start--like you did. Mine is too embarrassing for a before photo!