Saturday, February 5, 2011

NYC Metro Mod Quilters Meeting

Today was our bi-monthly NYC Metro Mod Quilters Meeting!
What fun. New faces and old friends.

And lots of beautiful quilts!

Some of my pics didn't come out well, but if you check over here,
I'm sure there will be quite s few shots up in the next few days.
Margaret brought Jessica's round robin quilt and it is stunning in person!
There are three people in line to take it next.
Can't wait to see what happens to it.
These blocks are for our February challenge quilt,
Quarter Curved blocks.
There was much discussion of placement
and lots of different versions of how it should be laid out.
This is the final look and everyone agreed it was wonderful.
It was so much fun to have so many talented people standing around
offering ideas and seeing what worked.
Amy is going to piece and quilt this beauty!

We also did alot of arranging on our December Challenge quilt.
This month everyone brought a magenta-y piece of fabric
to offset the cheddar blocks.

We still need a few more pieces to be filled in and Kim will piece it all together.

And one of our new members, Terri, brought these fan blocks . . .
They are all hand pieced.
It's her first quilt.
She has 47 of them.
Quite the little over achiever! Hahaha.

She wanted advise on how to set them, and I think she was thrilled with
what the group had to say.

This is the beauty of getting a group of talented, gifted
laid back people all together bouncing ideas around.

It was a wonderful meeting!

I know I can speak for everyone when I say,
Thank you to Victoria for hosting the event.
And thank you to Amy and Victoria for starting this group in the first place!

What a treat!


  1. Wonderful commentary. Oh to live nearby, so that I could hop over to visit y'all in person.

  2. What beautiful quilts. I adore the magenta/cheddar combination. I popped over to Jessica's blog. Her Travel Quilt #3 reminds me a little of the tumbling stars I'm working on. NYC Metro Mod Quilters looks like a really great group.

  3. They are all lovely. Such beautiful colors.

  4. Another fun meeting! Always nice to see you! (Also, FYI, I exercised incredible restraint by not stealing your Hard Candy quilt--it's BEAUTIFUL!)