Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Projects #14

A great Sunday for sewing!
I am now working on a new quilt for a class
I am taking at the City Quilter.
The class is about using your orphan blocks and creating a unique quilt top.
After I saw Victoria's kitchen sink quilt,
(boy she is getting alot of ink, um pixels here this weekend! hehehehe)
I was very interested in learning how design and make this kind of quilt.

This is what I laid out in the classroom.
Judy, our teacher, gave me quite a few of her
orphan blocks to add in.
Just makes it that much more fun!

(This picture keeps loading on it's side . . . )

Hahaha. now I can't change the font size back.

I hope you can all see well enough to read this.

I so need a cute techie to help me with this stuff!

At my house I have a design floor, not wall, so not as easy to move things around.

So, (thank goodness, back to larger type.)
I started to put it together and it was a challenge I have to say.
I put together areas that seemed to be easier to piece first.

As I went to more difficult intersections,
I kinda of ripped the design all apart
and started rearranging.

I have been piecing filler strips and areas,
adding colorful fabric to make things a tad bigger.
It's a bit like playing tetris! I was pretty good at that,
not 14 year old boy good at it, but good enough.
So this is how it looks today,
I'm sure it is going to change as I piece it.
I'll keep you "posted."
Sometmes I crack myself up!
Hope you had a creative Sunday!


  1. It's bright cheerful and fabulous! I can't wait for you to show us at guild! happy piecing!

  2. Wow, what a stunning quilt. And so full of memories of all the quilts you've worked on (or started to!) I love the leaning tree and the wonky stars. Actually, I love a lot of the blocks. This is going to be simply wonderful.

  3. What a cool idea. I can't wait to see the finished product posted.

  4. Hi Lisa, How are you? I saw all of your orphan blocks first on the MOD site (they are stunning! It's going to be an awesome quilt!), and you mentioned no design wall? I LOVE my wall, which is attached to the wall of my studio, but you could make a fold-away one. Get two sheets of insulation board from the hardware store (mine was called Celotex, it is filled with styrofoamy stuff and covered with silver paper, but it comes in different types). then "hinge' the two sheets together with (of course) duck tape, then cover the whole thing with fabric - I used gray felt, which I love. you can stand it/lean it, and then fold it and slide it under a bed or? you can trim it to fit your space/needs too.