Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Evolution of My Circle Quilt

I made a quilt 8 years ago using this star block. The fabric was deep jeweled country themed colors. That quilt kept everyone cozy on my couch for years. Sadly that quilt doesn't live on my couch anymore . . . it left with the person I made it for. So, I decided that to help heal my heart I needed to make a new quilt to keep us cozy.

I decided to make a block based on the same star quilt components, but to turn it inside out and make it fresh and modern, just like the fresh and new start I needed to make.

You can see these two blocks together have the same number of squares and the same number of half square triangle squares. The light and dark contrast changed and so it did for me too.

So here is the new quilt top. I loved blue, green and white, but also wanted to spark it up with a pink and yellow block, you always need an element of surprise!

I am still thinking about the quilting on this one. I have a few ideas. The back will be pieced with a cute sheet and those two blocks above.
Mostly I just love that I turned that pain inside out and now have a new quilt for my cozy couch and that I am moving forward.

On another note . . . I dragged out my log holder today.
Another change of season that I am welcoming with an open heart.

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  1. That quilt is beautiful! Good for you to make something so wonderful to symbolize your fresh start!