Thursday, October 28, 2010

NYC Metro Mod Quilt Challenge

I joined the NYC Metro Mod Quilters and attended their first meeting this month.
We had a strip challenge to bring to the meeting. You can see it here.
Our challenge for December's Meeting is a 12 1/5" monochromatic block made in an
orangey-yellow color range.
I named mine Betta Chedda.
I cut 144 squares in a wide range of yellows and oranges, then I set about piecing them together. I did play with this for a while trying to get the right gradation.

This is the final square. I really like the way it turned out. I did have to put a little border on it because it was short 1/2". I guess I should check my seam allowances right?

Hate it when that happens!


  1. LOVE it! I would totally have a quilt like this hanging on my walls.

  2. Nice job on the gradation. It looks awesome!