Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spider Webs!

In honor of Halloween, I am going to show you my spider web top.
I haven't quilted it yet, but the top did come out quite nicely.
I used mostly scraps and was so happy to see my scrap basket get a little smaller.
(well, I can tell, you probably couldn't)

I saw this quilt over at crazy mom quilts and was so inspired to make one. You can pop over to Amandajean's blog and see the inspiration here.
There is also a great tutorial there.

This quilt was very addicting to make. I just loved the scrappiness. My daughter couldn't believe how much time I was spending in the attic.
She even said at one point, "Heading back up to the sweat shop?"
The kid cracks me up.

There was a brief period of time during the piecing of this quilt,when my machine was in the shop. It had a few things wrong with it, foot pedal, stitch positioning, general over use . . . .

I took it here and they had it humming in three days!!!
My new favorite place for machine repair.
Need to keep that sweat shop going you know.
Happy Halloween!


  1. oooh, i love your spiderweb! if you quilt it in time for the NYC mod meeting in december then we can BOTH show off our spiderwebs! (this will totally force me to finish my half quilted version..)

  2. Fantastic! So colourful!
    I must give it a big try!